Our Computer Room

As the junior classes make their way into the computer room for the first time, it is often for many a daunting prospect, never having switched on a computer before.  For others, the fact that they have spent many hours at home exploring and playing games in this virtual environment makes this lesson one of anticipation and expectation. 

As the year progresses, their confidence increases.  It is with interest that one notes that those who did not know how to hold a mouse in order to click can now create pictures using their newly acquired skills.

Excitedly the older children line up for their lessons.  Computers are fun!  New software, new skills all lead to lessons they enjoy.  The more senior classes learn how to create posters, brochures, write letters and draw pictures of a complex nature e.g. the Moses Mabida Stadium. 

Using special software, they create their own games, make quizzes and short cartoon-like movies.  They develop their research skills while they research information from the internet in order to present PowerPoint presentations they have created themselves, educating their peers in the process.