Media Centre

Penzance Media Centre is sure proof that the days of “Silence” in a library are long gone. Our Media Centre is alive in more ways than one. It is an interactive and vibrant area throughout the school day.

We do our best to encourage reluctant readers to get involved in the pages of a book and we stimulate our avid readers to go the extra mile by ensuring that the latest titles are available to them. The selection of books on the shelves caters for all tastes and interests. Topics and issues within many of the titles can enhance a reader’s life as well as open up channels for animated discussions.

Displays related to local and current affairs are exhibited to invoke interest from all the Learners.There is always space available to display the creative projects made by Learners in Design and Technology lessons.

Games such as Geometric Shape building, Lego, Chess and board games have a strong fan club and are played at second break.
Group Reading is held in the library 3 times weekly where some 60 or more readers get together to read under the guidance of several Staff members.

To conclude, let it be known far and wide, that the Penzance Media Centre moves, grooves and rocks!