Penzance Cares


Each year the Community Service Committee with the assistance from the staff, pupils and families at Penzance Primary School raise money to spoil the young, old and disadvantaged in our community.

Last year was no different where money was raised and given to a baby home, an old age home and to the less fortunate.

A big thank you to everyone for giving once again.


Penzance Primary School together with The National Education Collaboration Trust and the Department of Basic Education celebrated WORLD BOOK DAY on the 23rd April 2021.  The Foundation Phase Learners came dressed as their favourite book characters.

Each child was asked to donate a book to help in establishing reading schemes in underprivileged schools across South Africa. 

Over 4500 books were donated by our learners.  We were so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our Penzance families.  We received so many books that we were able to send a load to our dear friend Shelly Mclean at Genesis Hope South Africa for distribution down the south coast.

Penzance REALLY Cares!


This term we are excited to run with our Penzance Cares initiative. This year we have chosen to support the following organisations:

Open Air School
Action is Autism
Highway Hospice
Triumphant Animal Welfare Fund

In order to raise funds for these organisations we have been selling 5 wooden, engraved collectable badges of Africa’s very majestic ‘Big Five’.

Learners have been encouraged to save their pocket money or do chores around the house to earn money to buy their badges. It has been a very important lesson in giving to others in need.

Certain incentives have been put in place to encourage the children, these include extra breaks and civvies. At the end of the fundraiser the winning classes in JP and SP will receive a pizza party. The most exciting initiative of all is the chance to wet our very own Penzance ‘Big Three’.

Mrs West
Mr Havemann
Mr Webber