Aftercare is for Grade 1 and 2 learners and takes place at the Nkulisa Centre from 12h30 until 14h00.  Learners eat their lunch, have a little break and begin their homework.  At 14h00, children are either collected, sent off to their various extra-mural activities or handed over to Homework Club for the remainder of the afternoon.


Homework Club

Homework Club begins at 14h00 and caters for children from Grade 1 to 7.  Each grade is allocated an educator to supervise homework.  Registration takes place at 14h00 and again at 15h30.  Once children have finished their extra-mural activities, they may report at Homework Club and begin their homework.

Once homework is complete, learners change into their Homework Club clothes and are allowed to play for the remainder of the afternoon. Aftercare and Homework Club is a fun place to be, where friendships are made and children get to play and exercise outdoors.


Aftercare/Homework Club Uniform:

Each grade is allocated a specific coloured Aftercare/Homework Club T-shirt.  This is worn with black boxer shorts in summer and black pants in winter.  Children may either go barefoot or wear takkies. Please consult the Clothing Shop for the correct colour T-shirt (only available at the Penzance Clothing Shop).