Athletic season takes place during the third term and all learners are encouraged to participate.

Junior Primary:  Learners are taught skills during their P.E. lessons.  The annual J.P. Sports Day is a fun-filled event where all learners participate in novelty and inter-class relays.  Individual sprint races allow learners to demonstrate their speed.

Senior Primary:  Trials are held during the school day for all learners.  Once learners have been identified as having an ability in a particular code, they are encouraged to attend practice sessions after school.  The season culminates in the Senior Athletics Day where learners represent their particular house.  The best athletes on the day are selected to represent Penzance at the Inter-School Champs which is held at Port Natal.

Maypole:  This tradition of dancing around a pole with ribbons, forming patterns, is done by the grade 7 girls.  Penzance is proudly the only school who does this.

Tug-o-War:  This tradition is for the grade 7 boys.  The House teams show their strength by pulling the rope.  The winning house receiving a Tug-o-War trophy and adding points to their House.