Swimming is offered throughout the year in the heated Penzance swimming pool.

Every learner is taught to swim during their P.E. lessons in Term 1 and 4.

Junior Primary: The Grade 1, 2 and 3 learners participate in a J.P. Gala in the first term.  The focus is on participation and fun.  Every learner is given the opportunity of swimming in a race that is suited to their ability and level of proficiency.

Junior Primary Swim Squad: These learners are identified during their swimming lessons and are asked to join the team.  They participate in Inter-school galas in the first term.

Senior Primary:  There are 2 galas held annually.  The Top 8 Gala affords swimmers the opportunity to participate in individual races.  The Senior Primary Gala is an Inter-house gala where learners participate in relays against each other.  Much fun is had by all and the competition is always stiff between the houses.

Penzance Primary School has 2 Swimming Schools which operate out of the school pool:

Westville Swimming Club:  head coach Petro Nortje

Trident Swimming Club: head coach Wesley Vickery


Penzance has produced many top swimmers, none more so than the South African Olympic Champ, Chad le Clos.  We wish Chad everything of the best in Tokyo.