Hockey is the fastest growing sport in our school and is our most participated sport.  Boys and girls from grade 1 are afforded the opportunity of learning the game.  A number of our staff are themselves hockey players and are involved in KZN Hockey.  Penzance Primary, together with Durban Girls High and Glenwood Boys High, are part of the “3 Schools Trust” which is responsible for the Astroturf across the road.  This Astroturf affords the children the opportunity to play on the latest technology of Astroturf Management.  This facility will be undergoing an upgrade at the end of 2019.

Junior Primary:  Grade 1, 2 and 3 learners participate in mini-hockey.  This 6-a-side game is where the children learn the basic skills.  There is great excitement on Friday evenings when the children participate in Mini-hockey Festivals, which Penzance Primary host.

Senior Primary:  The Senior learners practice twice a week.  They play matches against other schools.  Learners are afforded the opportunity of participating in Festivals hosted by schools in and around Durban.  A number of our learners have been selected for KZN Teams.